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The most do you help your colleagues tell their story on LinkeIn? You probably have colleagues who are very good at their profession, but don’t say much about it. And certainly not on LinkeIn. Ask them on a Friday afternoon (zoom) drink what they actually do and they will let loose. What passion and craftsmanship. And proud of their contribution to the company. But to share that online? Then they close. Or there will be an “Oh yeah? I can do that sometime.” But it doesn’t happen. Or far too little. Why? There are several reasons why colleagues post little or nothing on LinkeIn.

Using a heat map that highlights them

They don’t dare, because then everyone will see it “What should I write about?” is a frequently aske question No time No inspiration Who is waiting for my message? Businessman with clock and bag in hand going out the door, at article about LinkeIn My Company – My Company Tab. Lack of time and inspiration Time and inspiration, those are big issues when it comes to becoming active on LinkeIn. You cannot give photo editor your colleagues time. You can save time (and stress) by creating messages for your colleagues. And now you can even have them ready for them to install so easily.

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 Active together on LinkeIn Making your employees active on LinkeIn is easier with the My Company tab. With this ‘behind the scenes dashboard’ employees find news about their colleagues and popular posts in one place. Here colleagues can connect with each other and with the organization. Originate in this time where many people work from home and therefore have less connection with colleagues. Certainly in larger organizations it often happens that you do not know many colleagues. Never mind that you have a LinkeIn Executive List connection with them. Employee stats: They are % more likely to engage with peer posts and % more likely to share content from their company page.