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Whether it’s under the sun or lying in bed with the lights off. Email marketing eligibility will be as pleasant as possible. Last but not least, the email marketing template needs to be designed from a responsive point of view.That is, in the way it adapts to different devices, such as tablets, smartphones. Computers, notebooks, among other gadgets. According to research carried out by Mobi Pronto. 62% of emails are opened on mobile devices and 70% of consumers delete non-responsive emails. These percentages further reinforce the importance. That a well-crafted and optimized email marketing has on an email marketing campaign. Analyzing your email marketing shots (metrics) metricas. But how do you know if the email marketing shot was successful. In this case, in order not to be left in the dark. Without parameters to analyze your actions with a powerful tool, there are some.

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The making of the next decisions. A series of rates are considered from the moment an email marketing campaign is created and implemented: growth rate. Inactivation rate, click-through rate, CTR.Unsubscribe rate, hard bounce rate. The growth rate, as the name implies, consists of UK Mobile Number List  increasing your base of new leads, that is, potential customers attracted by one of your prospecting actions (newsletter registration or filling out forms, for example). If your targeted email marketing list had 50,000 leads and now has 80,000, you’ve seen 30% growth in your e-commerce mailing list. As this percentage grows, the greater the chances of you prospecting and retaining more customers become, since, as they have recently arrived at your base, they know little about your business, creating an opportunity for your company to present itself properly through e-mail. creative email marketing.

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Which leads stopped engaging with your company. Performing valuable actions for your business, such as downloading an e-book. Uubscribing to a newsletter or, in more serious cases. Leaving to open your marketing emails. Despite being an unreliable metric, the open rate of an email marketing campaign is still considered a valuable indicator for A/B testing, a Executive List  technique used to discover which actions in your e-commerce stimulate customer engagement. and which ones do not cause any kind of effect. In the same way that it can be useful for improving various structural aspects of an online store, A/B testing can also be implemented in optimizing marketing email blasts. Google itself offers an A/B testing tool for e-commerce on its platform called Google Analytics Content Experiments . With it, it is possible to compare the performance of two more pages, receive notifications about tests.