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However, many companies don’t have a clear understanding of what SEO and CRO can do for their business, and even if they do, they usually only stick to one or the other.

To uncover things, SEO Focus on increasing traffic , whereas CRO drives that same traffic to perform an action, which in this case is buying an item.

Split Dragon’s SEO and CRO features allow you to optimize your listings without having to learn the technicalities of SEO and CRO.

When you integrate your seller account into Split Dragon

you’ll get best practice feedback and guided recommendations, so you’ll know exactly what to do to improve your SEO and CRO scores for each product.

In an eCommerce business, your online marketing strategy is what makes or breaks your business.

However, if you are an online  marketplace seller, you probably already spend most of your time dealing with inventory, logistics, dealing with complaints and meetings so you may not have time to focus on building your online presence.

In addition, not all merchants have database the capacity and budget to create their own marketing team.

Given that competition is fast and complex, the lack of a solid marketing strategy can weigh on your business.

So what can you do


You can use a vending tool like Split Dragon to become a data-driven marketplace seller.

Case in point: Split Dragon’s comprehensive toolkit and results-oriented strategy have helped big brands sell better in markets in Southeast Asia. This includes:

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Split Dragon is best used by:
1. Market seller
Being a small business owner is tough, especially when your business is online. The industry is changing rapidly and you Executive List must continuously adapt quickly to these changes if you want your business to thrive.

And as a novice marketplace seller (or sometimes even as an experienced seller), you’re likely to handle almost anything – from managing finances to responding to online reviews.

So while you are still developing as a marketplace vendor, you know there is a limit to the amount of work you can do.