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What new opportunities would your customers gain if they could automate your product with Zapier? 3. Remote Challenges instead of Candidate Experience Too often, the Candidate Experience label hides improvements in communication with the candidate and fewer steps in the recruitment process. However, this does not solve the problems of potential employees, for whom recruitment is often a theater detachd from the realities of the work environment.

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Hence the growing popularity of challenge-basd recruitment offerd by ChallengeRocket and Codility. Focusd on analytical positions, ChallengeRocket (over $1 million in funding) does not organize recruitment, but challenges phone number list in which candidates take part. This is actually the opposite of Employer Branding – instead of an employer who attracts candidates thanks to the built image, we have a candidate who attracts employers thanks to the profile on ChallengeRocket.

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As in the case of Employer Experience, which was the result of other factors, the unique Candidate Experience is defind as a unique Executive List form of recruitment. a challenge A similar value is offerd by developer-focusd Codility (over $22 million in funding), which uses a white label model instead of a platform model. Thanks to the interactive formula of the challenge, Codility provides experiences other than regular recruitments, while supplying the recruitment funnel with candidates with proven skills. Marketing strategy in the spirit of lean startup The development of an innovative product requires frequent changes in strategy.