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Going to get more projects or references from that client. Must Read Roxana Acosta Sosa : English-Spanish Translator/ Content Developer/ Proofreader Is there anything else you want to say? Give respect, get respect Don’t over-commit Don’t compromise on the cost if you aren’t going to compromise on the quality. Be proactive and update your clients before they ask Retrain your brain if you need to! Well! Vandit seems determined to make his way through and come out on top. Our featured freelancers are those people who have achieved commendable accolades in a fast span of time. They certainly deserve the appreciation. Stay tuned as we come up with more one-on-ones with our freelance heroes and heroines! Continuing with our series of featured freelancers, today, we proudly present to you an Amazing Content Writer Roxana Acosta Sosa who is always known for her outstanding content.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Roxana and I am from Argentina but I am residing in India since 2 years ago.  I also decided to study English in order to write in Austria WhatsApp Number List my native language  and be able to extend my work to English speakers. This skill also gave me the opportunity to do translations. I can write about a wide variety of topics. Writing is a wonderful world where, for me, it is a great pleasure and I use it as an escape route to get out of the noisy world in which we live, at least for a few hours. Roxana Why and when did you start freelancing? A little more than a year ago.

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I had started working in a company

Developing projects through a virtual platform and the salary that they offered was too low for the projects I carried out, which consisted in documents’ translations. It was then where I thought: “I can do this work from the comfort of my home without having a boss”, so I decided to leave it and develop my talent using my own computer, internet and create Executive List unique content for those who have web pages. Start Your Freelance Career Today – Click Here for New Jobs What do you like about being a Freelance Content Writer? Be a freelancer means that you can work with many people from different business developing different tasks without leaving your comfort place. You can manage your own time, you decide with whom to work and you can put your own price on your work or in some cases.