We became a medium-sized agency

Expanded our services, qualified the team, more than doubled gross revenue in one year, went through many challenges, overcame and learned from them… but it’s time to change. It is necessary to change because the challenges now are different, they are bigger. The size of the company is changing, services are growing at an even faster pace, the team’s qualifications are even greater, the billing projection is also growing, and with all this the name Compre Clicks is no longer sustainable . Although it is emotionally very present, the name “Buy Clicks” no longer reflects what we are, our services, reality, and especially our mindset. Today, we are experiencing a moment of new positioning in the market, with a new quality of service. We are not just innovating to bring a new name, but a new model. The ratio is changing, and what changes with it is perception.

We are ready to deliver 10 times more

Have 10 times more challenges and grow at a 10 times faster pace. The agency name should be 10x better too. Thanks again to the name “Compre Clicks”. Affectively, it will still be with us, but officially, as of 2019, the market will see the birth of a new Compre Clicks, a global, technological, modern and innovative name. News is coming!What is email marketing Georgia WhatsApp Number List and why should it be part of your business marketing strategy By Leandro Gorzoni October 10, 2017 In times of virtual and impersonal communication, email marketing is still trying to reinvent itself in a market dominated by social networks and digital media. In the early 1990s, the internet was still in its infancy, with a basic structure in which internet pages had little information about a given subject. E-mail or e-mail.

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Marketing, a direct evolution of the latter

Was still quite primitive, but it was already emerging as a very useful and advantageous electronic messenger for the daily lives of home users and IT professionals. Almost 30 years later, this marketing communication tool has become part of the routine of professionals in the most varied areas, especially in the field of digital marketing. Email Executive List marketing was quickly incorporated into the communication strategies of companies, which realized the potential it could provide for their businesses. E-commerce stores are a very illustrative example of this scenario. From the use of a form in which consumers inform their personal or corporate e-mail, an entire process of triggering e-mail marketing, configured to be sent to a segmented e-mail marketing list. However, despite all this potential, e-mail marketing is still little explored by companies in terms of generating more consistent and lasting.

Moving a number of professionals around logistics

Necessary to think about the structure of the sales team, as the service before, during and after tends to be one of the points that weigh the most at the time. to buy a product with a discount on Black Friday. According to E-bit, there was an increase in the number of orders, which went from 3.3 million registered in 2016 to 3.76 million in 2017. With this growth, it is more than necessary to prepare the sales and marketing team , keeping both aligned to supply the growing demand. Another point that still generates many discussions around the date is the use of marketplaces, spaces rented by small shopkeepers to promote their products in larger and more consolidated e-commerces. During Black Friday, they become even more essential to generate product visibility and position the e-commerce site as a channel of trust and credibility. Role of Sponsored Links.

Product searches It is common knowledge that

Google has become one of the most used search engines around the world, after all its use has been disseminated by everyone who uses the internet to find information, solve problems and, of course, search for products and services. . Since SEM (Search Engine Marketing Finland WhatsApp Number List or Research Marketing, in free translation) emerged, the relationship between Internet users and the Internet has evolved considerably, especially in the virtual stores segment. Considered one of the most popular tools in terms of search, Google brings together more than 90% of searches made on the internet, surpassing, in some countries, Bing and Yahoo!. With the arrival of Google Adwords (currently known as Google Ads) it was possible to publicize the best Black Friday promotions and make them visible to the target audience that is looking for a particular product, both through the display network.

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However, the lack of market research

Knowing how to work the keyword auction, as well as defining the cost per click (CPC), and types of segmentation (geographic, demographic, public/interest and device) can compromise the creation of a good marketing plan focused on Black Friday. The marketing manager, Vinicius  Executive List Herrera, deals with these issues on a daily basis, which involve more than one decision making by his team of analysts and customer service. For him, the retailer needs to have his intention very clear in mind when choosing to use sponsored links, which will guide him in adopting the best strategy on Black Friday 2018. “The retailer must, in the first place, determine exactly what he expects by carrying out sponsored link actions. If he seeks profitability or increase in transaction volume. Most of them end up opting to increase their sales.

Another important factor is that your

Email needs to be responsive, opening correctly on other electronic devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Decreasing churn rates To begin with, a good marketing strategy needs to start with good content. If your customer opens the email and discovers that the excellent subject you brought does not match the internal content or that it is bad, he may not only discard the email, but also classify it as SPAM. After all, you are wasting his precious resource, time. Among other measures that you can take, the most basic and fundamental ones are to pay attention to the layout, not using heavy images that can make the email take a while to open and never sending emails that are just a large image file attached, preferring to create HTML pages. Increase the click through rate Usually, the email always has a Call to Action button .

Whether to redirect the user to an

Commerce or e-business, fill out a form, download an e-book and many other objectives. The big secret is knowing how to create the right Call to Action for what you want. For this, it needs to have flashy colors, use action verbs, convey a greater sense of urgency and clearly explain what will happen after the button is clicked. Increasing sales conversions In fact, you need to be very careful when sending your customer to the conversion El Salvador WhatsApp Number List landing page created for email marketing. The page needs to have the same quality as the email for the sale to happen as expected. For this reason, always use professional quality images with good definition (96 dpi is enough), make the price and payment methods clear, emphasize promotions and focus on the benefits of the product or serviceespecially if they are in an explanatory animation.

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The important thing here is to test

One element at a time. Only with it defined can you move on to the next one. Otherwise, it will be practically impossible to know which of the changes is responsible for generating a better result. With these little tips, your email marketing launch will certainly be much better. And, to find the best solutions for your business, always count on Yooper. With the best team and the best services, we are the right digital marketing agency to work with your business. previous post 5 Things You Can’t Forget for Your Black Friday Next Post New year, new brand! Compre Clicks is now Yooper Digital Marketing. RELATED ARTICLES Type here and press enter… FOLLOW US CATEGORIES blog CRM Frequently Asked Questions Blog CRM Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions Influencer Frequently Asked Questions Media SEO FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Social Media E-commerce.

According to Leandro it is necessary to balance a series

Factors, being fundamental “to have a good triggering tool and public clustering processes. HTML’s, arts for Desktop and segmentation in email marketing, one is based on behavior, while the other focuses on the user’s profile. Regarding segmentation options based on user behavior, everything will depend on the email marketing tool purchased. At this point it is possible to highlight some different types of shots, such as: For anyone who has never opened an email after receiving three emails For those who haven’t clicked on any emails in the last three months For those who have already opened more than three emails and have not clicked on any CTA within the email For those who have already opened the email marketing, clicked on the CTAs and never made a purchase. Within the segmentations based on a user profile.

Possible to highlight uses such as

Shooting for small businesses Shoot for a specific segment Shoot for a specific profile Among all the more advanced possibilities, some tools provide the celebration of scenarios. For example, a user who will receive a series of emails with different CTAs and leading to other series of emails and pages. There is also the possibility to categorize links and  Egypt WhatsApp Number List CTA within marketing emails. So you can target all people who clicked in the last three months on a link for product X or Y. After all, according to Leandro, “one of the main pillars of profitability for e-commerce is purchase frequency. That is, how many times that same consumer buys in your store”. And this can only be achieved from a well-done segmentation work. Avoiding SPAM With the segmentation already well done.

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There are some recommendations

A good example is never buying an email list, always being aware of who unsubscribes (not sending the email back to them), not using words like “free” or “promotion” in the subject, using a trigger tool recognized in the market and not to use generic e-mail addresses, being better to work with corporate e-mails. Increasing the email open Executive List  rate It’s no use creating an excellent marketing strategy if the subject inside the email isn’t catchy enough to attract the customer’s reading. For this, it is extremely necessary to think of a good headline for the subject of the email marketing. To create this title correctly, some precautions need to be taken into account, such as using up to 50 characters, being direct and stimulating the customer’s curiosity, in addition to creating a sense of urgency in them, making clear the benefits of opening.

Now that you’ve checked out all

The tips and you already know the main black hat techniques, you don’t want to take any chances, right? If you have questions about how to put all these SEO techniques into practice, contact us #TimeYooper has highly qualified and experienced professionals to help you!New year, new brand! Compre Clicks is now Yooper Digital Marketing. By Gabriel Felipe January 9, 2019 “YO” by Young. “O” for Outstanding. “PER” for Performance. It was with this syllable break, in a dramatic and didactic way, that YOOPER was announced to more than 50 employees, on November 29, 2018. The result could not be different: unanimous acceptance with more than a minute of applause. The new name as soon as it was born already showed what it came for. It is a company that reinvented itself to scale. It took changing from the inside out.

Among so many possibilities for new names

We could only be Young, Outstanding and Performance: YO UNG “YOUNG”, because we Yoopers are really young. Not only in age, but mainly in the ability to learn, to make mistakes, to adapt, and to grow. But are we an 18-year-old or a 30-year-old? That’s why YOUNG is so important on our behalf, because we can be both. We are the 18 year olds when we dream Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List without the brakes and without the annoyance of maturity, for us anything is possible. But we have the experience of the 30-year-old as well, to understand better ways; align expectations; learn from mistakes and make difficult decisions. THE UTSTANDING Our quality rule is very high. Yoopers charge themselves to be EXCEPTIONAL in values ​​that most consider to be the basics, such as service , quality and partnership . The basics for us don’t work. We are above average in serving.

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What are the important points

Email marketing strategy? By Leandro Gorzoni January 9, 2019 Even with all the technologies created in recent times, many people are still attached to email. For example, more than 65% of Brazilians who use social networks need an email address to register. Also, everyone Executive List has email at work. According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, 85% of respondents say that email remains the main communication channel between companies and customers. That’s why it’s so important to use this digital marketing tool correctly. For Leandro Gorzoni, CEO of Yooper, a good relationship with the customer can be achieved in several ways. One of the most important is e-mail, as it is responsible for “creating a base that engages by receiving matters of interest at the right time. Fundamental tactic to increase the profitability of your business and reduce the CPA of your media campaigns”. When talking.

When t of a main site and other sites created

Only to direct the user to the main address is formed. With this, the traffic generated will always be constant so that the main site is very relevant. Which weighs heavily in Google’s criteria. Making the site always obtain a great position in the ranking. A network formed by several blogs and websites that aims to generate. Links to websites that need to improve their positions in the Google ranking. Therefore, be careful when creating or contracting a PBN. Such as ensuring that the sites use different CMSs and register the domains in the name of different people or companies. Paid Links: You pay a website to generate a link to yours. This is a practice that is more difficult to identify, since Google has no way of certifying.

However, as a way of trying to identify

This technique, Google analyzes the relevance of the sites in addition to closely monitoring sites that quickly begin to obtain many links . Blog SPAM: These are comments with an attempt to obtain authority and traffic in an easier way. There are even tools developed just to Denmark WhatsApp Number List distribute links in these places. Today, the only advantage that exists when including a link in comments and forums is the generation of traffic and the possibility of generating leads. In this case, if the link is relevant to the discussion and commenting on the content, including a link in these places can bring positive results. Black Hat SEO Alternatives That Really Drive Results As we saw above, Black Hat SEO can hurt the performance of your pages, right? Therefore, #TimeYooper has listed some alternatives so that you can generate good results in a clean way.

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Responsive pages Access via

Mobile devices is increasingly common nowadays and it is necessary to think about users who access your pages through smartphones and tablets. Therefore, ensure that your page is Mobile Friendly and has a responsive design, this format is highly valued by Google. Creativity in Executive List choosing keywords Using the right keywords can also help your rankings. One tip is to stay tuned in the “related searches” that Google itself provides at the end of any search. Because there, you can identify potential terms to be used on your blog or website. Invest in Meta Descriptions With this technique, you have one more chance to show the visitor that your page has quality content and increase the chances of receiving a click. Now that you’ve checked out all the tips and you already know the main black hat techniques.

So what did you think of these tips

Were they useful or did you already put them into practice. We invite you to explore more content from our blog. Yooper is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Brazil and. We are always happy to talk to you. How Black Hat SEO techniques can harm your website By Gabriel Philip September 19, 2019 SEO techniques are widely used to generate organic traffic and get a better position on the SERPs. However, there are more questionable ways to achieve this, and one of them is Black Hat SEO: a set of actions to trick Google’s algorithms in search of better rankings. Therefore, if you own a website, keep in mind that you need to know black hat SEO techniques, but with the intention of avoiding them. Know the main practices and do not use them.

Preventing your website and your

Image on the internet from being harmed: negative SEO Keyword stuffing hidden content duplicate content Cloaking Doorway page (ou gateway page) Linkfarm Private Blog Networks (PBN) Links payments Blog SPAM Next, understand in detail what each of the practices does. Negative SEO: Characterized by the insertion of low quality links directing to the Denmark WhatsApp Number List competition’s websites, the so-called toxic links, with the intention of punishing search engines. It is common to insert negative comments and ratings on competitors’ websites and on their Google My Business pages. Keyword stuffing: This is one of the most used black hat techniques. This consists of inserting a keyword on a given page as many times as possible in order to increase the consistency of keywords and present good relevance in search engines. Hidden Content: This practice consists of inserting texts.

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Leaving the font color the same

As the background. user see. Among the most common ways. to use this technique are: Repositioning text off the page via. CSS Change font size to zero Text application in the same color as the website background. This technique turns out to be ineffective, as the search. Engine ends up favoring Executive List the oldest publication in its ranking. Cloaking: It is a camouflage practice, which allows you to configure a website page to. Which is usually of low quality and without relevance. Doorway page (or gateway page. Very similar to the practice of cloaking, the doorway. Page creates several webpages, each one optimized for a keyword.

Do not use sales words in subjects

We know that, when creating a subject, we may want to use words that drive our customers’ desire to buy. However, this trigger can backfire, as Gmail and Outlook often hide advertising emails. Therefore, your receiver may not be able to receive your content. Therefore, we recommend that you use more of the consumer’s curiosity than purchase triggers, such as “promotion”, “free”, “balance”, among others. Respect your persona Let’s illustrate: imagine that your potential customer is a young person who likes virtual games and you need to send him an email. Wouldn’t it be nice to send it like this: “Dearest, new games are available in our store. Would you like to check them out? With affection, Loja! The language of your email needs to be the same as your target.

Thus, the chances of your lead becoming

A buyer are much greater! Offer rewards to your customers E-mail can be a very used environment to solve school and work issues. Therefore, there is a certain danger that, in the rush of everyday life, your message will only be viewed, but not read! Therefore, it is extremely Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List  important that your emails have rewards for your customers, whether promotions, discounts or even gifts! Thus, when receiving your next e-mail, the person will already be aware that its content is worth reading. After all, who doesn’t like a discount? Build a relationship with your customer Isn’t there that saying that says “those who persist always achieve”? Or would it be “who believes”? Well, it doesn’t matter! The truth is that persistence is, without a doubt, the soul of business! So, it’s extremely important that you build.

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Relationship with your customer

Simple: maintaining a cohesive and constant email marketing campaign. We’re not saying you need to email your leads every day! Anything that’s too much doesn’t work. Therefore, your email marketing campaign must have a coherent and spaced, but constant planning. And rest assured! If you’ve followed the previous steps, your customers won’t get tired of receiving Executive List your emails! Create segments between leads Last but not least, we need to remind you that different customers may want different types of products. You will not send, for example, content about dogs to someone who admittedly does not like little ones, just as you will not send a promotional e-mail about cat food to someone who has dogs. For each and every product, you need to have a segmented list! This is the art of the business and needs to

Email marketing strategies to turn leads into sales

By Leandro Gorzoni March 4, 2022 “How to turn leads into sales?”. This is the question asked by all those who work in the field of digital marketing. Whether it’s time to sleep, work, eat or even take a shower: the marketer’s mind is always looking for a way to turn the leads won into sales. ; First of all, a glossary Calm calm! We’re going to give you our tips on email marketing. But first, how about giving an overview of the topics that will be addressed throughout this text? After all, we cannot forget that there are people entering, at this very moment, the world of digital marketing. Therefore, check out the meaning of two expressions that summarize the core of this text: e-mail marketing and leads . For starters, everyone has received an email marketing in their life! A company.

Can find several ways to

Get in touch with its customers or potential buyers and one of them is email. Through this tool, you can present promotions and product updates from your store. In addition, it can be very useful to maintain a solid relationship with your client, ensuring that your brand Cyprus WhatsApp Number List does not fall into “oblivion”. On the other hand, leads are the contacts of potential customers , which are left organically on our website. You must have heard about buying contact lists to send email marketing, right? Although this is one of the tips to be mentioned shortly, we can already say that this is not a very recommended practice. Leads can be anything from emails to phone numbers, for example . now the tips Okay, we’re on the same page! So, now we can talk about the seven email marketing strategies to turn leads into.

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Follow the thread! don’t buy leads

Buy this contact list and boost your sales”! “Make more money by buying leads ”! “Make your brand better known by purchasing this contact list – SALE”! Well, we don’t need to say that this is all a lie, right? You, as a consumer, must have already received a marketing email from a brand you don’t know. So it’s easy to see how uncomfortable this is. The chances that your email will not be seen are much higher when it is not requested! Also, it could very well end up on the “spam” page. Let’s warn you: you don’t want to waste an email that could end up in the trash. Create a catchy subject Your customer’s first contact with your email will be through the subject. Therefore, we need you to use all the creativity in the world in your creation.

It can provide hard data on return on investment

The effectiveness of implemented strategies. Here are some methods of measuring and evaluating CRM success. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).Establish relevant KPIs to measure your CRM performance. Such as lead conversion rate, customer response time, customer satisfaction. Regularly monitor and review these metrics to gauge your CRM’s performance. Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys to get direct feedback on the customer’s experience with your company. This can be done through surveys, interviews or other methods, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your CRM in meeting customer expectations and needs. Data Analysis: Use data analysis and reports generated by your CRM system to gain insights into CRM performance. Analyze metrics such as sales volume, number of new customers, retention rate, among others, to evaluate the success of your.

Comparison with goals and objectives

Compare the performance of your CRM with previously established goals and objectives. Assess whether goals are being achieved and whether objectives are being met, identifying areas that need improvement. Team Feedback: Hear feedback from the team that uses  the CRM on a daily basis. They can provide valuable insights into system performance, identify challenges and opportunities for improvement. Results follow-up: Perform a regular follow-up of the results obtained with the use of the CRM Croatia WhatsApp Number List over time. Compare results over different time periods to identify performance trends and patterns. Finally, it’s important to remember that implementing a CRM strategy takes time and resources, but the long-term benefits are worth the investment. With a customer-focused approach, you can increase retention, improve satisfaction and increase profitability. By implementing best practices into your CRM strategy and considering your customers’ needs, you can create a solid foundation for a long-lasting and profitable.

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We can think of several strategies

One of them is paid media , making more advertisements reach our lead ‘s profile . Another is to do more promotions, increasing the possibility of people buying our products. But, among so many options, the focus of this text is email marketing! Being one of the darlings of content Executive List producers, email marketing can be a powerful weapon to turn your leads into sales. But for that, we need a strategy, since a method used in a non-analytical way may not give positive results. Therefore, throughout this article, we will show you how to make this tool even more efficient. Want a spoiler? Here goes: don’t buy leads ; create a catchy “subject”; avoid putting sales words in the subject; follow your persona’s way of speaking; give rewards for viewing email marketing; build a relationship with your customer.

Message segmentation: Use CRM data to segment messages

According to customer preferences, needs and behaviors. This allows you to send relevant and personalized messages. Increasing communication effectiveness.  Based on the demographic information, purchase history and browsing behaviors of customers. Registered in the CRM, a travel company can send segmented messages to different groups of customers. Offering relevant travel packages based on their interests and preferences.Use marketing automation and CRM tools to consistently schedule and automate messages throughout the customer lifecycle. This can include welcome messages, renewal reminders. Post-sale follow-up emails, and more.  A monthly subscription service provider can use marketing automation to automatically send a personalized. Welcome email to new customers as soon as they sign up, providing information about the service. Benefits and next steps. Interaction Record: Record all customer interactions in the CRM, including phone calls, emails, meetings, chats, and more.

This allows the entire team to have

Access to a complete history of communications with the customer, ensuring consistency in information and avoiding miscommunications. Example: On a sales team, all customer interactions such as phone calls. Meetings, and emails are logged in the CRM, allowing other team Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List members to consistently. Access and update customer contact information, ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding customer relationships. Staff training and enablement: Conduct regular staff training and enablement on consistent CRM communication strategies and practices. This includes guidance on how to utilize CRM tools, follow standardized communication templates, correctly record interactions, and use automation effectively. Example: A software company might provide regular training to its customer support team on how to use CRM to log and track support tickets, consistently and up-to-date responses to customers, and how to use email automation to provide regular updates about ticket.

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Measure and measure success

Measuring and evaluating the success of your CRM actions is essential to understand if your strategies are working and to identify areas for improvement. Here are some reasons why measuring and evaluating success is important in CRM, along with some measurement methods: Performance evaluation: Measuring the success of your CRM allows you to Executive List evaluate the performance of your strategies and actions. This can help you identify what is working well and what needs tweaking for better results. Informed Decision Making: Based on the data and results obtained from CRM measurement, you can make informed decisions about resource allocation, strategy adjustments and identifying areas that need improvement. This helps you target your efforts more effectively and optimize your results. Investment justification: Measuring the success of the CRM is also important to justify the investment in technology, tools and resources for customer relationship.

Define CRM goals and needs Before implementing

CRM technology, it is important to clearly define your business goals and needs. This can include identifying what information and data you want to collect and manage.What business processes you want to automate or improve. And what your CRM performance goals and expectations are. Select the right CRM tool There are many options for CRM tools available in the market. It is important to select the CRM tool that best meets your business needs and goals. Some of the popular CRM tools include Salesforce.  Configure the CRM tool After selecting the CRM tool, it is necessary to configure it according to the needs of your business. This can include creating custom fields to collect specific customer information, setting up workflows and automations to automate business.

Processes, and integrating with

Other tools and systems used by your company. Import and manage customer data Importing and managing customer. Data is a fundamental part of operating a CRM technology. It is important to ensure that all relevant customer data is correctly imported into the CRM  and updated regularly. This can include contact information, purchase history. Previous interactions with the company, among other data relevant to the Colombia WhatsApp Number List customer relationship.  Train the team and drive CRM adoption The team’s adoption of CRM is critical to its success. It is important to provide staff with adequate training on how to use the CRM tool and how to incorporate it into their daily work routines. This can include face-to-face or online training, support materials. Encouraging staff to use the tool consistently. Step 6: Use CRM to manage customer relationships.

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With the CRM tool configured

The team trained, it’s time to use it to manage customer relationships. This can include managing leads, following up on sales opportunities, providing customer service, managing marketing campaigns, and analyzing data and metrics to make informed decisions about business strategies. Step 7 : Monitor and optimize CRM performance. Communicate consistently Consistent communication in a CRM system is critical to successful customer relationship management. Here are some strategies and examples of how you can consistently communicate in a CRM: Messaging standardization: Establish Executive List standardized communication models for different types of customer interactions, such as emails, text messages, chats, etc. These templates can include greetings, introductions, relevant information and closings, ensuring the message is clear, cohesive and consistent across all communication channels. Example: In an e-commerce business, a purchase tracking email template could be created and used consistently to send information about order status, delivery times.