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Were they useful or did you already put them into practice. We invite you to explore more content from our blog. Yooper is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Brazil and. We are always happy to talk to you. How Black Hat SEO techniques can harm your website By Gabriel Philip September 19, 2019 SEO techniques are widely used to generate organic traffic and get a better position on the SERPs. However, there are more questionable ways to achieve this, and one of them is Black Hat SEO: a set of actions to trick Google’s algorithms in search of better rankings. Therefore, if you own a website, keep in mind that you need to know black hat SEO techniques, but with the intention of avoiding them. Know the main practices and do not use them.

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Image on the internet from being harmed: negative SEO Keyword stuffing hidden content duplicate content Cloaking Doorway page (ou gateway page) Linkfarm Private Blog Networks (PBN) Links payments Blog SPAM Next, understand in detail what each of the practices does. Negative SEO: Characterized by the insertion of low quality links directing to the Denmark WhatsApp Number List competition’s websites, the so-called toxic links, with the intention of punishing search engines. It is common to insert negative comments and ratings on competitors’ websites and on their Google My Business pages. Keyword stuffing: This is one of the most used black hat techniques. This consists of inserting a keyword on a given page as many times as possible in order to increase the consistency of keywords and present good relevance in search engines. Hidden Content: This practice consists of inserting texts.

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As the background. user see. Among the most common ways. to use this technique are: Repositioning text off the page via. CSS Change font size to zero Text application in the same color as the website background. This technique turns out to be ineffective, as the search. Engine ends up favoring Executive List the oldest publication in its ranking. Cloaking: It is a camouflage practice, which allows you to configure a website page to. Which is usually of low quality and without relevance. Doorway page (or gateway page. Very similar to the practice of cloaking, the doorway. Page creates several webpages, each one optimized for a keyword.