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Sending the questions. In this context, courses via telehealth collaborate to empower students. Enabling their role in the learning process . Telehealth centers in Brazil. Throughout the text, I cited materials offered by some telehealth centers in different parts of Brazil. They work as multiplier points for digital health services. Working on four fronts: Teleconsulting: consists of clarifying issues related to. Health and clinical procedures. Questions are sent by different healthcare professionals and answered within 72 hours. Telediagnosis: is the remote interpretation and issuance of reports service, based on the records forwarded by different health units. They are evaluated by doctors specialized in the area of ​​the complementary exam. Tele-education : as I explained before, it brings together the contents, lectures, classes, workshops and forums that promote remote education for health professionals Formative Second Opinion : gathers qualified answers to clinical questions, based on bibliographic reviews and scientific.

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National Telehealth Brazil Networks Program, made official in 2011 by the Federal Government to structure health actions via information and communication technologies. Currently, the cores of the initiative include: Telehealth AC Telehealth AL ( Intermunicipal Telehealth Center Arapiraca / AL) AL Telehealth (State Telehealth Nucleus of Alagoas) Telehealth AM Telehealth BA EC telehealth Telehealth ES Telehealth GO Telehealth Hong Kong Phone Numbers List MA Telehealth MG (State Telehealth Nucleus of Minas Gerais HC/UFMG) Telehealth MS Telehealth MT PA telehealth telehealth PB PE Telehealth ( Regional Indigenous Telehealth Nucleus ) PE Telehealth (State Telehealth Center of Pernambuco UFPE) Telehealth PR Telehealth RJ Telehealth RN Telehealth RR Telehealth RS Telehealth SC Telehealth SE Telehealth SP Telehealth TO. It is worth knowing more about telehealth in your state and the opportunities it generates. Conclusion Now that I have already presented several telehealth courses , you can select the ones that.

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Professional qualification. In addition to educational institutions in the public network, there are options in the private network and even companies that offer educational content. This is the case of Telemedicina Morsch , which offers a complete platform with refresher courses for conducting complementary exams. Our customers log in and can access Executive List training 24 hours a day , with all the comfort, in addition to optimizing the issuance of reports using our telediagnosis solution. Learn more about how telemedicine and the remote report work . Take the opportunity to read other articles about technology and health here on the blog. Dr Jose Aldair Morsch Dr Jose Aldair Morsch Cardiologist Physician graduated from FAMED – FURG – Fundação Universidade do Rio Grande – RS in 1993 – CRM RS 20142. Internal Medicine and Cardiologist from PUCRS – RQE 11133. Post-graduation.