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Show improvement when placed in the prone position for a few hours. This results from improved ventilation. Which reduces mortality from ARDS in the ICU. The prone position can also provide greater breathing comfort. By relieving pressure on the posterior area of ​​the lungs . What are the contraindications of the prone position. According to the aforementioned review article. Published in the Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia . The maneuver is contraindicated in case of: Burn or wounds on. The face or underside of the body Instability of the spine intracranial hypertension severe arrhythmias Severe hypotension. The presence of dialysis catheters and chest drains does not contraindicate the prone position, but calls for caution in their use. Nursing care in the prone position The execution of the pronation technique requires four trained professionals . Before starting, they should verify that all accesses and catheters.

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The endotracheal tube is positioned 2 cm above the carina and securely fixed. With everything in order, one of the professionals should pay attention to the endotracheal tube and perform aspiration of the cannula, if necessary. Meanwhile, a colleague ensures that catheters, drains and connections are not subject to traction during movement. The other two Italy Phone Numbers List people should stay on each side of the bed, in order to turn the patient, starting with the lateral decubitus position. Then, they complete the technique so that the patient is in a prone position, with arms along the body and head to the side . Remembering that the saturation needs to be monitored at least one hour later, and the head must be turned to the other side every two hours. prone positioning The prone position helps improve arterial oxygenation through high fractions of inspired oxygen How does telemedicine help in pneumological.

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Nursing assistants with online training for pneumological tests such as spirometry. In this way, they do not need to invest time and money in travel to qualify for health care. Your clinic or hospital can also take advantage of the convenience of remote reports , available for both spirometry Executive List and imaging tests. Among them, chest X-ray , tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Just perform the exams normally and share the records on the telemedicine platform for an on-call specialist to evaluate the findings. It details its interpretation and conclusion in the online report, digitally signed and released in minutes in the system. Know the advantages of having Morsch as a partner in your business! Conclusion In this article, I addressed the indications, contraindications and precautions in performing the prone position . If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment.