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Data during the interview and physical examination of the patient in consultation . With this information in hand. The nurse can move on to the second phase of the process, establishing the nursing diagnosis . Based on data interpretation, this stage describes the evolution of the health condition. Risks, patient disposition, among other observations. Only then does the professional proceed to the nursing. Prescription, creating a written plan with the recommended actions and interventions. Actions are initiatives applied intentionally. Aiming at the well-being of the patient. While interventions are reactions to the nursing diagnosis. They also have the purpose of preserving or recovering the client’s health. Once the planning is written down and disclosed to the nursing team, it is time to put the guidelines into practice. This is the implementation phase. Which should also be recorded in places like the digital patient record to facilitate aftercare. Nursing prescription example The structure.

For a complete nursing prescription

Must answer the following questions, in a simple and summarized way. What to do?Who is the responsible professional (nurse / nursing technician, etc.)? How long to do or how much to do? To give an idea of ​​this guideline , I bring an example published in this Nursing Care Systematization Protocol of the City Malaysia Phone Number List Hall of Rio Verde/GO: “Change the dressing of the central access in the right subclavian every 24 hours (10:00 am), and whenever it is dirty, wet or loose. Clean the area with degerming chlorhexidine and remove with 0.9% saline solution. Apply the dressing with gauze and sterile gloves/tweezers, dry and occlude with gauze and micropore. Write down the date of the puncture and the date of the dressing on the dressing performed and sign. If you detect phlogistic signs (pain, edema, heat, redness or dysfunction), ask for.

Medical evaluation guidance

Nursing The objective of the nursing prescription is to standardize the orientation to the health teams, qualifying the care How does telemedicine work in nursing? Telemedicine is an innovative discipline that has been breaking the geographic barrier to expand access to health services . Its scope goes beyond medical procedures, as telemedicine systems Executive List collaborate to digitize documents and optimize nursing care. As I mentioned before, each step of the process can be recorded in the patient’s electronic medical record , a complete software that stores data in the cloud (internet). There, the information is available only to authorized persons, being protected by authentication and encryption mechanisms. Morsch’s telemedicine platform also provides search and data crossing tools , making it easy to confirm whether the patient has allergies, comorbidities and which treatment is being followed. Other advantages of our software are: Teleconsultationnursing directly with.

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