Amazing content made by black people

In your series marathon, how many were starred and directed by black people? How many black influencers do you follow, follow and admire? And, among all the new podcasts you’ve discovered, how many chances have you given to hear what black people have to say about topics far beyond racism. Thinking about all this. Yooper separated some indications of content made by black men and women that you need to know to broaden your vision. Check it out below and include these excellent works in your list of content to read, see and hear.

Amid the social invisibility in which

she found herself, Carolina genuinely recorded her memories in the  in São Paulo. Black presents the concept of Black Psychology, in a theoretical and experiential Albania WhatsApp Number List study by psychiatrist. Psychoanalyst and writer Santos Souza on the emotional life of black people. The work addresses the concept that being black is a process. As it deals with the initial self-rejection. The turn towards awareness of their value and beauty), the search for social ascension, the demand for to match the (white)  and the myth of racial democracy.

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Content thought to be a circle of close

Friends on the web, with an atmosphere of proximity to talk about everything. With great sweetness, sensitivity and poetry, Natália Sousa speaks in the first person and with great transparency about her own experiences. The reports Executive List make it seem easier to face, as she herself describes. The right steps and memorable falls in each one’s path, the conquests and misfortunes of life. For all these reasons, she gets closer to the listener, making us feel “warm in the heart” after listening to each episode. What is a black dot in the Brazilian podosphere. This is how the creators of Lado Black present themselves. A podcast to inform and celebrate black culture in such a punctual approach that the listener has an immediate identification.