Effectively Use Promotional Tools

Therefore, To increase store sales and exposure, you need to be effective in how you use Shopee’s promotional tools. Fortunately, Shopee has provided sellers with many tools to increase your sales so you just need to learn how to use them effectively.

Shopee My Ads helps sellers become more accessible and searchable on the platform through promotional ads placed in the most visible parts of the Shopee website.

One very good aspect of Shopee My Ads is that it is already equipped with the necessary keyword engine to help sellers carry out keyword research in the easiest and most seamless way.

This is a huge boost for sellers as it allows them to more effectively target potential buyers. Without selecting the right keywords in your ad, you will not be able to turn your marketing efforts into positive ROI sales growth.

Additional Offers

Therefore, Additional whatsapp mobile number list offers are great for leveraging your top selling products to increase visibility and positive sentiment for the rest of your products.

This tool allows you to encourage buyers to purchase other items that are complementary to the product they are interested in.

Here are some examples of additional items that complement each other:

Bundle deals are another great way to encourage shoppers to buy more of your products through discounts.

What are the main differences between a bundle deal and an add-on deal? Customers will only be eligible for a bundle deal if they purchase the entire range of products offered.

Spend My Ads

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For example, if a seller creates a “Every 3 get 10% off” bundle deal, the buyer will only qualify for the discount if he purchases all three items.

Therefore, This type of technique is most effective during the holidays and campaign seasons because this is the time when customers are excited to buy. Many buyers and sellers take advantage of additional offers during the campaign..

Just create a name for your Bundle Deal. Indicate the time period you want your Bundle Deal to run.

Therefore, You can make the Executive List discount per percentage or actual currency amount. Special bundle pricing allows you to offer a discount if a buyer buys a certain number of items (Buy 5 items at special price $70)

Don’t forget to indicate the purchase limit for the transaction:

Now, it’s time to add products for this promotion.