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SGE query types Limitations of SGE Impacts of SGE How to prepare for SGE What is SGE? On May 10th 2023, Google announce that it was working on SGE, one of the most important visual changes to Google search engine results page (SERP) in many years. Like a highly advance version of feature snippets, SGE uses AI to generate detaile search results that aim to give users the exact information that they’re looking for (and then some).

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Note: SGE is still in beta testing phase until December 2023, and it can only be accesse in English in the Unite States, Japan, and India. It is not yet known when it will special data launch fully. SGE in practice So, does all this mean that SGE will replace the traditional SERP? No, there’ll still be a SERP, but it will be much more detaile. You can think of SGE as an experience, a conversation with your search engine. You can ask it detaile, conversational questions and, using AI, it will generate detaile answers. That’s the search generative experience. What this means in practice is that you can write long conversational queries, and SGE will return detaile results.

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Audience at the right time, especially using advance technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). But with a lot of opportunity comes a lot to consider as your audience  Executive List has multiple touchpoints to discover and communicate with your brand. That’s why it’s essential to have a strategic digital marketing plan that’s aligne with your business plan in 2024. It’s about being clever with your budget, being effective in using your resources