Content in the Age of Infoxication

At least to thank you for your patience and unconditionality. So I am preparing to write once a week on the Blog , although they will not be articles of 4,000 or 5,000 words as usual, but rather shorter articles so that they become more enjoyable and quicker to read. And above all, for all audiences. Not only for professionals with experience under their belts, but also for dummies. So welcome everyone.

What is infoxication

We understand Infoxication as that overload or excess of banal information. It is even called infobesity , in an area where communication through digital content becomes (and us) oversaturated. That is to say, we find useless content even in the soup. And unfortunately it happens to us every day. E-mail marketing, without going any further, is a clear example of infoxication job function email list when it is not managed well. When the mere fact of sending massive messages blindly, with the simple objective of sending our content to as many people as possible.

What is Branded Content

Lets start by the beginning. Let’s take this article for dummies. It is necessary to understand that our readers do not always have an advanced level of experience and knowledge, so, as I told you, I also want to write for those people who are just starting out. Welcome everyone, again … We can say that Branded Content consists of generating content focused on and based on a brand, a product or service, which makes it easier for us to connect the brand Executive List with the consumer. That emotional relationship between brand and user/consumer that prioritizes quality content before the sale itself.