Discovering the theft of my content

Therefore, Discovering the theft of my content. leave you the screenshots of the initial article in the newspaper and the comments of professionals outraged by the situation at that time, since they have redirected, dated July 27, 2017 . The link to a new article that they wrote later. Therefore, given the circumstances and La Razón and Nacho Vizán realizing, that it was indeed plagiarism and blatant theft.”

People outraged by plagiarism

A war of no return begins, and without me having to do anything, just publish what happened on my wall. The night people start reading. Frustration, anger, and collective anger begin to emerge from professionals who know how much it hurts to have your own content stolen. That content that costs us many hours of study, research email leads practices, falls and failures become experience. It takes us years of research, of trying to put our theories into practice based on the brands we study and work for.

Reaction from La Razón and the media agency

Reaction from La Razón and the media agency. The next day I receive an email from Nacho Vizán, CEO of the Media Agency that generates content for La Razón, Sneakerlost (I go on to advertise them by adding the link. Whoever wants, let them look for it). Apologizing to me and wanting to talk to me on the phone. My anger was too great and there were meetings ahead of me. I ask you to call me in the afternoon. Nacho, seeing that I was indeed Executive List right (I told him to read my post on Facebook, where the links to his publication and my original article are), and before speaking to me on the phone.