Consider the Type of Fishing Rod Action

Think first about the type of lure and how the fish will react to it.

2. What type of fishing line is used?
Another factor that needs to be taken into account in our consideration is the fishing line.

Embroidery rope is a rope that has no stretch, which makes the hookset process easier.

But the downside is that we might make a mistake pulling the lure out of the fish’s mouth if we are confused1

I’m sure the average fishing leg will use braided line

Even the rope may explode or cause the Phone Number List rod to break if ‘ overpower ‘ while making a stroke.

Therefore, if fishing with a braided line, I prefer to use a rod with a softer tip.

Mono rope is a rope that has the opposite properties to embroidery rope.

So if you have a tendency to do a violent and strong hookset, it may be more appropriate to use mono line and a softer rod.

This is because the mono rope has a high tensile strength, where it will absorb excess energy.

So if we do a strong hookset , it won’t blow the line and the hookset can be safely embedded in the fish’s mouth.

More reading about fishing line types & their uses can be read in this article: Choosing the Best Fishing Line: Braid VS Mono VS Fluorocarbon
Fishing rods have different types of action.

In general it is classified into 3 types of action namely fast medium and slow

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What is classified refers to how fast the rod will bend Executive List up to the backbone2 rod to allow the mamsul to be embedded in the fish’s mouth.

Picture the action of the casting rod

For example, a fast action will flex quickly3and make the hookset process more quickly possible.

The opposite of this action is a simple and slow moving rod.

This means it will take longer4to bend up to the backbone.