Where is This Visa Applied

In this sense, you can provide any type of proof that confirms the validity of your business or company idea .

We are talking, for example, of a letter from an investor or business angel stating that he wants to invest in the idea ; Letters from customers who have purchased theoduct (or a prototype) and validated it, or from potential customers who would be willing to buy.

Any supporting evidence that verifies that this is a sound idea is highly

application process

Let us now discuss how the application process works step by step , where and how you will to apply for this visa.

One of the main advantages of this visa is that there are two possible ways to start the 

  • First of all, you can start the application in your country of origin , sending all the documentation to the Spanish consulate, where they will give you the visa with which you can travel and enter Spain.
  • On the other hand, you can also get this permit directly from Spain with your tourist visa (or regular stay in the event that your country does not require a visa ). This greatly facilitates the process.

In any case, once all the documentation has been sent, there is a period of 20 days for the administration to analyze and resolve your request .

If after this period you do not receive a response from the UGE . The institution that manages it), you can appeal to positive silence (that is, your application process Phone Number List willwill be  an estimate, obtaining the permit without carrying out any type of extra procedure).

Once you have  your favorable resolution, you must make an appointment at the immigration office to register your fingerprints.

You can make an appointment online here .

Phone Number List

And, finally, after 20-30 days, you will have to return to collect your TIE or physical residence card (providing ID photos, registration, and passport).

Like all visas under the Entrepreneurs Law,  thentrepreneur Executive List visa is at the UGE, the Large Companies and Strategic Sectors Unit located in Madrid.

However, it is not necessary to travel to the Spanish capital to deliver the documentation .