What Should You Include in Your Business Plan

Your residence application is attached to the business idea in question, because based on that idea you will receive a favorable resolution or the opposite.

And that idea must be materialized and exposed through the business plan .

Thus, the same business idea that can be approved by thSpanish administration could also be rejected if the business plan does not meet the minimum requirements.

The business plan, a fundamentalrom Whatsapp Mobile Number List accpiece in the application, must provide the basic structure to understand what the idea consists of and how it will be developed.

In summary, ?

description of the professional activity and analysis of the . Product or service that you are going to market (what it consists of, strong points, how it represents a disruption or innovation, etc.)

On the other hand, a market analysis in relation to

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the project to be developed , as well as the main competitors (direct and indirect). Here we recommend adding a SWOT analysis to complete the information.

A financial projection and expected financing will also be very important . That is, are you going to use your own financial means? Will you use external channels such as banks or credit institutions? You will have to budget for all the details that will keep operations running on a . Day-to-day basis, and what level of income you expect to generate.

In addition, detail the different marketing ammercialization strategies that you intend to use.

Finally, the impact that your business will have on the Spanish economy (you must quantify it as far as possible), as well as the number of jobs it is expected to generate and a description of them.

extra tests


In addition to the specific documents that we will obtain Executive List ansee below. These have been the main requirements for a successful application.

However, there are a series of extras that you can add to your application .

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